Hinson Neely began working with HTC when the company launched its North American operations in the summer of 2005. Hinson Neely provided services that included marketing research, strategic messaging and positioning, Web site content management and over 12 product launches. From virtually no distribution via North American carrier partners to 21% US Smartphone market share, Hinson Neely was an instrumental partner in the company’s successful and unprecedented growth.

“Hinson Neely was invaluable in getting our American marketing efforts off the ground, and the window through which we viewed our customers. In addition, they were instrumental in positioning our devices to wireless carriers and developing programs to sell our products to consumers. They were professional, creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable on all aspects of marketing from research and planning to execution and follow through.”  David Smith, Marketing Director


Microsoft hired Hinson Neely to help develop a strategic roadmap in a growing home electronics market which includes home theatres, distributed audio and home networking. After completing an ethnography study, we provided constructive suggestions for competing effectively in this market segment. 

 “Hinson Neely immersed themselves in this project with enthusiasm and know-how. They recommended a course of action for meeting Microsoft’s immediate and long-term objectives in the home electronics space and executed the project flawlessly, even under a tight timeline. The protocol was inventive, and the recommendations were constructive to Microsoft for growing their business in this industry niche. Hinson Neely is a team I know I can trust for dependable service and judicious results.” Michele Keeffe, CEO, Buzzbee



HP hired Melinda to help spearhead the launch of its Veer smartphone. After  spearheading all marketing, training and promotional campaigns,   the device received second highest recommend rates at AT&T and Best Buy Mobile retail stores.  

"I hired Melinda as acting director, retail Marketing, during my tenure as VP Channel Marketing, at HP/Palm. Melinda is the consummate consumer marketer, utilizing consumer research to uncover unique unmet needs, and translating them into marketing promotional opportunities during key selling seasons such as Back-to-School, and Holiday, with key retailers such as Best Buy. Not only did Melinda execute the traditional CPG marketing development process, but she came up with creative promotional ideas that truly were meant to delight the consumer...and in turn helped convert key retailers such as Best Buy into believers.  

Additionally, while I valued Melinda for her subject-matter expertise, over time I gained a high degree of respect for her team leadership and coaching competency. 

It was a genuine pleasure to work with Melinda, and I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects.
- Sajal Sahay, VP Marketing HP

Idaho Banking Company wanted to strengthen its brand positioning and identity to become a potential acquisition candidate. After conducting a Discovery Workshop among key company stakeholders and researching customers, prospects and competitors, we provided detailed recommendations on internal education/training, messages to resonate with customers and targeted marketing strategies to achieve business growth goals in the Treasure Valley. 

“Melinda and the Hinson Neely staff followed through in a timely manner on every aspect of our request. They were very easy to work with and allowed us to perform preliminary work in order to keep costs down. We received valuable insight in to how other community banks are perceived by customers as well as feedback on our own customer service. We requested three presentations of the market study results and were very impressed with Melinda’s willingness to schedule time for each presentation.”  Jim Latta, CEO

The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health launched the High Five Children’s Health Collaborative, a statewide grant initiative to improve the health of children. Hinson Neely conducted needs assessments,  facilitated planning sessions among city coalitions and subsequently created 3-year action plans. To date, communities have introduced a wide-range of health initiatives including traveling playgrounds, disc golf courses, skateboard parks and community gardens. 

"Melinda was a great asset to our community based grants. She brought her business acumen to the non-profit world, carrying out strategic work that was vital in each community. Her oversight added value, from conducting a needs assessment to creating community based action plans. She is great facilitator and excels in coalescing thoughts and ideas into an action plan." Kendra Witt-Doyle PhD,  Foundation Director

University of Idaho wanted to increase visibility of its progressive, integrated business curriculum.  After facilitating a Discovery Workshop, Hinson Neely recommended a strategy to re-brand and position the business school to appeal to prospective students, employers and potential donors. We also created a segmentation model to better understand the college’s student profile for future marketing efforts and curriculum amendments. 

“Melinda’s evident thorough preparation provided a secure foundation for our branding process that included guided brainstorming with college leadership, faculty, our business advisory board, and our students…. Hinson Neely’s objective analytical efforts have been important to us throughout this process to make sense of the many good ideas that have developed along the way. We are now in a great position to develop and agree on an articulation of our positioning/branding to provide consistent messaging to our key stakeholders.” Douglas Haines, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Department Head