Want to grow your business with less worry and waste?

Hinson Neely is a strategic marketing consultancy that helps business leaders spend marketing dollars more wisely. 

Reach your ideal customer with the right message, at the right time, in the right channel. We help  you align business goals with your brand positioning to achieve sustainable growth.

  • We get to know your business objectives inside and out – all our efforts map back to these high level goals.
  • We identify what makes you unique, including  your products, services and personality.
  • We take a long, hard look at the competition so you can outsmart and outlast them.
  • At the heart of our work is your customer. We help you refine and segment your target customers so your marketing messages and tactics resonate. And produce results you can count on.

At the end of the day, we help you do more with less.

“When the relationship began, Hinson Neely led a workshop with our management team to determine Affinity Mobile’s branding and positioning. Not only did they do a great job in creating messaging that resonated with our customers and prospects, but they developed high quality marketing and sales collateral on time, on budget. Hinson Neely has been a great partner who listens well and executes even better.” Todd Achilles, Vice President Business Development

“Melinda added value to our organization the minute she walked in the door. Her strategic insight, business acumen and understanding of the complex, healthcare market helped transform a conceptual idea into an actionable roadmap and successful program. Beyond her technical skill and keen intelligence, Melinda’s collaborative approach and infectious enthusiasm fostered an expectation of success to our whole team.” – Scott Whipple, Deputy General Counsel, Blue Cross of Idaho

“With an eye for the big picture, Hinson Neely understands the details that bring a company’s business goals together. They understood our business realities by building, creating and helping execute an actionable marketing that generated sales and profitability for PivotLink.” Kristi Marchbanks, CEO
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